Month: April 2020

There are countless guides that will walk anyone through creating a Cloudflare account, installing the plugin and completing the setup on WordPress. This isn’t one of those guides. This is whats next … what to avoid and how to mitigate common issues. General Cloudflare WordPress Troubleshooting This goes for almost any issue…the first steps to Read more

The Top Content Marketing Agencies, According to Digital Marketing Agency Rating Platform  Originally Published At Yahoo FinancePR Newswire PR Newswire April 22, 2020Content marketing generates three times (3x) more leads per dollar than paid search advertising. determined the top agencies that develop content marketing strategies and materials to help brands increase their leads. NEW Read more

Paypal PPP UpdateSince posting I received an email from / Paypal’s SBA PPP Loan program. Due to processing limits at the SBA they expect it to take about 7 days before their applications are all transmitted. That doesn’t mean approved or funded … thats transmitted. I suppose this is an attempt to make it Read more

I couldn’t believe the response to my last post about coming up with content ideas in the B2C space during COVID-19. Thank you to all who read and commented — I truly hope it was helpful. One piece of feedback we received was an ask to see some B2B content ideas, which, frankly, is an Read more

Matthew Leffler Matthew Leffler is a freelance SEO on and with 20 years of technical experience and a technical education background. In those years of experience he’s worked in several technical roles in informtation technology and software training. Matt has worked at Hewlett-Packard and Gateway Computers. Matthew earned his BSIT, MBA in Read more

Facebook continues to advance its video chat capabilities by introducing a Houseparty-like feature called Messenger Rooms. What makes Room unique, compared to regular Messenger video chats, is their spontaneous nature. “Spending time with each other should be spontaneous, not strained,” Facebook says in an announcement. Rooms can be created without users having to call each Read more

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