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Mozzers believe in doing good, whether we’re helping new SEOs learn the ropes, encouraging young girls to consider a career in STEM, or just maintaining a dog-friendly (and thus smile-friendly) office. It’s why so much of our content and tools are available for free. It’s why Moz has a generous employee donation-match program that matched Read more

Danny Sullivan of Google has announced that Google is updating it’s algorithm. It’s another broad core update. I had private information that a big update was imminent. It was decided beforehand to call it Update Florida 2 since the update discussion began at the recent PubCon Florida. I received credible information that this update is Read more

Given the increasing importance of brand in SEO, it seems a cruel irony that many household name-brands seem to struggle with managing the channel. Yet, in my time at Distilled, I’ve seen just that: numerous name-brand sites in various states of stagnation and even more frustrated SEO managers attempting to prevent said stagnation.  Despite global Read more

This post was originally published on the STAT blog. In the STAT whitepaper, Using search intent to connect with consumers, we looked at how SERP features change with a searcher’s intent — informational, commercial, transactional, or local. It was so chock-full of research that it sparked oodles of other content inspiration — from the basics Read more

ADVERTISEMENT That moment when you see all the posts from the conference you had to miss. Sigh, you should be there. Or when your peer’s Instagram aesthetic is seemingly so perfectly frequent. Yours just are not enough. When it’s midnight and you’re still scrolling LinkedIn, looking to see everyone’s new accomplishments. You’ve got nothing. The Read more

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