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Bad Backlinks has backlinks from about a thousand domains.  In a recent review of these I found an odd reoccurring link from multiple domains but all with the same content and titles.  I was introduced with “The Globe” which charges sites to NOT list them or makes money from SEOs paying them to not Read more

Each PBN site will include registering the domain, setting the name servers and hosting the site. First and foremost the most important aspect of your Private Blog Network is randomness.  Consider what pattern or foot print your PBN might have and avoid that commonality. Patterns and commonality to avoid in building a Private Blog Network Read more

Danny Sullivan of Google has announced that Google is updating it’s algorithm. It’s another broad core update. I had private information that a big update was imminent. It was decided beforehand to call it Update Florida 2 since the update discussion began at the recent PubCon Florida. I received credible information that this update is Read more

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