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Now’s the time to start digging and discovering: Ask questions about the business. What does it sell, how does it operate, what makes it tick? Ask about the business goals. Not their goals for results from SEO, but their main goals that drive day-to-day business. Ask about customers or the audience. How do people search Read more

If you keep updated on the latest in SEO, you may be aware of Google’s mobile-first initiatives. Dubbed “mobilegeddon” when it first became known in 2015, transitioning client sites to full mobile experiences has become a priority for SEOs everywhere. Optimizing for mobile is more than just design. It’s an entire discipline designed to create Read more

I recently participated in a lively discussion with Bill Slawski and Gordon Campbell about authorship and discovered a number of ideas about authorship signals that can provide value to a website. Authorship is Not a Ranking Factor One thing Bill Slawski and I agreed upon is that an author bio is not a part of Read more

Anyone can do SEO…and have a blog. SEO Information Accuracy If you Google something you always get back 1,000,000 results of varying quality.  SEOs aren’t tested and credentialed … one of my competing SEO Agencies in Local Search rankings has no formal education and spent time in a prison for meth distribution.  (So many you’ll Read more

Visit Can Page Speed Alone Make A Difference In Google Ranking? Yes, it even beats Domain Authority. for the whole story Before ya flip your lid on a DA93 site losing to a DA63 site dont forget…DA doesn’t mean anything to Google.  It is a made up number.  You can read more about Domain Authority Read more

Hits: 7 Page Speed Optimization On WordPress – SEO Technical Audit Part 1 Description Page Speed is a ranking factor. In mobile searches its even more important. WordPress Optimization is essential to meet the quick load times expected by visitors. An SEO Technical Audit usually begins with setting a baseline and then outlining the goal Read more

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