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School Hallway Etiquette

Now that you have pimped out your knee scooter to your liking, it is crucial to keep in mind the proper etiquette for riding it in the school hallway. Adhering to the rules can prevent accidents and keep everyone safe.

Stick to the Right Side

As when driving, always stick to the right side of the hallway, allowing other students to pass safely on the left.

Keep Your Speed in Check

Refrain from excessive speed on your knee scooter. Maintain control and slow down as necessary.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings when traveling in the school hallway on your knee scooter. Be on the lookout for other students, teachers, or obstructions that may impede your path.

By observing proper school hallway etiquette, you can ensure the safety and pleasure of riding your pimped out knee scooter.

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