ADVERTISEMENT If you had told me nine years ago that 250 million people would be scrolling through images on a site called Pinterest, I might have mistaken you for someone who was trying a little too hard to maintain your “early adopter” status. Yet, what was once a simple photo-sharing site, is now driving 33% Read more

So this is more a test artcle but it’ll also hit on these topics in the title. Duplicate Content is everywhere and its fine…Googles been saying that for years now but some SEOs have this myth in their head that its an issue.  If its such an issue then what about The Associated Press?  The Read more

In 2014, Google introduced the featured snippet, a promoted organic ranking that we affectionately (some days were more affectionate than others) referred to as “position zero” or “ranking #0.” One of the benefits to being in position zero was that you got to double-dip, with your organic listing appearing in both the featured snippet and page-1 Read more

ADVERTISEMENT LinkedIn provides a valuable opportunity to connect with business leaders, decision makers, and high-income earners. LinkedIn should definitely be a part of your business’ social media marketing mix. Discover five ways to use LinkedIn for business. 1. Use LinkedIn as a Networking Tool LinkedIn is an amazing networking tool. To take full advantage of Read more

Without a doubt, it is our job as SEOs to keep an eye on the future and anticipate what Google is planning, testing, or looking to drop on our doorsteps. Over the past 12 months alone, we have seen several changes in Google Search — each impacting how we plan, implement, and report on campaigns. Read more

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