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ADVERTISEMENT If you had told me nine years ago that 250 million people would be scrolling through images on a site called Pinterest, I might have mistaken you for someone who was trying a little too hard to maintain your “early adopter” status. Yet, what was once a simple photo-sharing site, is now driving 33% Read more

ADVERTISEMENT Pinterest is now the third largest social media platform in the United States, a position which it’s expected to keep for the foreseeable future. This data comes from eMarketer’s latest estimates, which sees Pinterest ending 2019 with 82.4 million users. Pinterest managed to surpass Snapchat’s 80.2 million users, which is notable considering Snapchat’s user Read more

ADVERTISEMENT For the first time, Pinterest is letting marketers choose conversions as a campaign objective for Promoted Pins. Previously, Promoted Pins could only be optimized for clicks. Now they can be optimized for other types of conversions. Pinterest’s new conversion optimization capability allows marketers to design ads around getting users to take specific actions. Actions Read more

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