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In a recent tweet someone asked Google’s John Mueller if using stock images affects rankings. The person related that a friend has the opinion that using non-original content such as stock photography can indeed affect rankings. Mueller answered: “It doesn’t matter for web-search directly.” Some might find that answer a little indirect. But I would Read more

Google’s team of webmaster trends analysts discuss the intricacies of nofollow links in the first episode of the company’s new podcast. The podcast brings together Google’s John Mueller, Martin Splitt, and Gary Illyes to discuss topics related to search and share information about upcoming projects. In episode one of ‘Search Off the Record,’ Google reveals Read more

There is a product or service out there for everyone. But, some can be so specific that their target market is an eighth of the size of a major consumer industry. While there are many advantages to catering to unique audiences, it can be challenging if you don’t know how to reach them. Because a Read more

Ecommerce websites don’t always start out that way. Sometimes they started off as just plain-jane, non-transactional sites. As consumer behavior evolves to include more and more online shopping, especially given the current pandemic conditions, businesses that began as brick-and-mortar are turning to online sales. This post addresses the businesses and marketing teams facing this particular Read more

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