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Because Google won’t tell us exactly how their search algorithms work (come on already Google!), oftentimes the answer we get in SEO is “it depends.” While this is an unsatisfying answer, there are many valid reasons for it – different websites, different niches, different audiences, different competition, etc. But what if I told you there Read more

Google’s John Mueller recently explained that HTTP status codes are the first thing Google checks when crawling content. This topic came up during the Google Webmaster Central Hangout on October 18. Here is the question that was submitted: “Wondering if Google checks status codes before anything else, like before rendering content?” In response, Mueller confirmed Read more

With millions of pages and keywords to manage and report on, enterprise SEO is increasingly more complicated and time-consuming. Using an enterprise SEO platform tool can increase efficiency and productivity for organic search marketing teams in a large organization who are managing organic search initiatives. These SEO tools can help you with: Identifying opportunities. Tracking Read more

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